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The Intersection of Art and Media

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The Yaz Collective is the creative brainchild of Los Angeles based

multi-medium artist Yazmeen Mirgoli, aka YAZ. A performance and visual artist, singer/songwriter, director, filmmaker, costume/clothing designer, writer, photographer, and producer, YAZ's work has been featured globally in print, editorials, advertising, live events, music videos, and film since 2013, and has amassed over 1,000,000 views on her YouTube channel YAZ X MUSIC. 


In 2018, YAZ graduated with honors from UCLA with a major in Communications, and minor in Film, TV, and Digital Media. She also released the debut collection for her avant garde couture line Yaz Mania, and launched her innovative multimedia platform and production company Yaz Media. Both Yaz Mania and Yaz Media serve as outlets to share YAZ’s work and vision, and to further her mission of changing the world through art and entertainment.

 In October 2020, YAZ released her debut EP, Eternity, featuring the lead single, "Judgement."  Along with the EP, YAZ released the Eternity capsule collection through her design label Yaz Mania in November 2020 to rave reviews. Both the Eternity EP, and the Eternity collection were critically acclaimed, receiving global media coverage that includes internationally praised Library of Congress archived website, and renowned UCLA publication The Daily Bruin


YAZ’s most recent project, her debut album, Inferno, was released February 18, 2022.  The album is a sonic journey through the nine circles of Hell inspired by Dante Alighieri’s cantica Inferno from The Divine Comedy, and includes the lead single, "Lust", and the single, "Heresy." 


An exploration of the idea of sin, Inferno, and the album's entire visual world, are a rallying cry against the demonization of women and empowered female sexuality that is found in traditional religion and in society as a whole. Described as Armin van Buuren meets 90’s Nine Inch Nails meets satanic electro pop, Inferno fuses together the heavy beats of dark industrial techno, with melodic trance, and futuristic synth, to take listeners on a surrealistic journey of the nine circles of hell, and liberate them from judgement and the concept of sin on the dance floor.


Along with the Inferno album, YAZ released the self directed and produced music video for the album’s single, “Heresy”, that she also starred in, and also released an Inferno album visualizer that she created, as well as a visualizer for the album’s lead single, “Lust”, that she conceptualized and creative directed. YAZ will also be releasing a capsule collection inspired by the world of Inferno through her design label Yaz Mania in April 2022. For more on Inferno please visit the music page of The Yaz Collective. 

Currently, YAZ is writing her first full length electro pop album, and is working on her next music project, to be released in early 2024.

Inferno is now available to stream and purchase on all digital music platforms globally. For more on the world of Inferno and YAZ's other work, please explore The Yaz Collective website, and connect

with YAZ's social media.

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